I received the phone call from hell, as my doctor told me my routine colonoscopy found a large cancerous tumor. Not having any experience with this sort of thing I deduced that the best thing for me to do was to get my body in shape for what was to come. Knowing Ann’s business and very often hearing rave reviews, I put myself in her hands to get physically fit to better endure what was to come. I previously had back surgery, so her knowledge was key. I found that when fighting cancer very often I had to rely on other people’s expertise. I hit the jackpot with Ann Barnard. To start, Ann’s professionalism and encouragement were what I needed; not once was Ann not there and ready to go when she said she would be. Ann was able to determine the best program for me and most importantly adjusted along the way. I had a lot of adjustments. Nothing slowed Ann down. What I really respect and appreciate is the level Ann put forth. She gave physical, mental, and emotional support; she truly cares about the person and their needs. Without exception, when I showed up at the doctor’s office or hospital the doctor was amazed how well my body was handling the process. We all agreed this was from Ann’s training program. Without the full scope of support and training that Ann provided I am positive my conditioning and my recovery would not be what it is was. I heard the wonderful words I am “cancer-free”.