Ann Barnard

Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

I cannot think of a time when I was not passionate about health and fitness. When I was much younger, my mother always prepared food that was both healthy and proportionate to our families’ needs. I was active in all aspects of sports from track and field to the tennis and swim teams.

Early in the nineties, during one of my daily workouts, I noticed a brochure on the counter of my gym from The American Council on Exercise (ACE) discussing the opportunity of becoming a Professional Personal Trainer. It highlighted the advantages of helping others do what I already knew.

I considered myself a fitness and nutrition enthusiast! At this time, I was working as Regional Manager of a national health food and vitamin store and I maintained myself with a daily regiment of good nutrition and a balanced workout. I was also helping friends with their workout schedules, training them gratis on areas I learned and practiced.

I was captivated by this brochure and said to myself, “Self…You have been training others for fun and have been personally trained by some of the best, why not do what you love and get paid for it at the same time!” So here I am, many years later looking forward to every day of my training career.

As a Personal Trainer my emphasis has always been on combining the benefits of exercise with proper nutrition, you cannot have one without the other. Fortunately, I was raised appreciating good eating habits. Therefore, along with my love for exercise and physical activity, it became a natural combination.

Over the last several years, I have expanded my perspective to encompass “Lifestyle Fitness”; meaning to enjoy every day to its highest degree and balance good health and exercise with good living. I have found that many people miss enjoying “life after 40” because they have worked hard as parents and compromised their whole life. Now they find themselves with a lot more time and money and want to take advantage of the best years of their lives.

Lifestyle Fitness works! It teaches proper nutrition and building good eating habits balanced with reasonable exercise and increasing your active lifestyle. In my life, I enjoy family gatherings, great restaurants, fun and exciting bars and entertainment amenities. I love to dress to impress and know that it is a lot easier to learn how to live this way rather than constantly being on the rollercoaster of diets and exercise (notice; that is the first time I used the ‘D’ word).

It is my goal as a successful Personal Trainer to see that my clients integrate into their daily lives a Lifestyle of good and balanced eating habits with an exercise program combining weight training and cardiovascular exercise. With that mixture it is exciting to know that life can and will lead to a healthier, happier and more fit Life-Style.

Ann Barnard, CPT

ACE Certified

NASM Certified

Flexibility First