"Just a short note to tell you how delighted and fortunate I feel to have met you and to train with you since the beginning of the year. I have always been in some kind of training but with your techniques in training, your encouragement and your perseverance along with your knowledge of your field, I have improved considerably over a short period of time. I have never experienced with any of my trainers over the last decades what I have experienced with you: feeling so good about my body whatever I am wearing. I never felt that way before, nowadays, my butt is firmer, my arms are tighter and I just feel so good about all my clothes. I have been talking about you to many of my friends and I just wish that everybody will know about you and will have the opportunity to benefit from your tremendous talent in training."

Sincerely Yours,

"I appreciate and thank you very much for being my Personal Trainer. You are especially talented and highly skilled at directing me to perform many productive exercises. For example, you pay strict attention to me the entire time I am doing a specific exercise and make any needed adjustments in what I am doing. As I notice other trainers in the gym, their eyes and attention often wonder. You are tough minded. Your knowledge of me as a client results in your selecting the proper exercise for a specific end result and you insist that it be done, which is good. You put me through some very difficult sessions but I must admit that they are always fun. At the end of my hour's workout, I feel good about what has been accomplished. I will soon be 90 years old but I am much stronger now. I can do things now that I could not do twenty years ago. When I became a client several years ago, I threw you a serious challenge to extend my life through exercising and you accepted. I am convinced both of us will be winners."


"After working in the health club industry for 28 years, I feel qualified to state that Ann Gosselin is the epitome of what every personal trainer should be. Ann is the most caring and professional trainer I have ever met; she treats every one of her clients as an individual, designs customized programs for their unique goals and makes exercise motivating, easy to understand, and fun. Ann's clients get results; that is why so many of them continue to train with her. Too many personal trainers only focus on the exercise component of the health and fitness equation. Ann understands that proper nutrition - not fad diets but a sensible approach to eating - is equally important. This is why her clients are so satisfied. They get lasting results and a whole new approach to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Ann is the ultimate professional personal trainer and I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their state of health and fitness."

Bob Kline, M.S. Exercise Physiology

"After having my first child, I thought I would never see my old body again... everything I read said 'it takes nine months to put it on so it will take at least nine months to get it off'... I didn't want it to take that long so I called Bally's and was connected with Ann Gosselin. I told Ann my fitness goals and she started me on workout plan that I will forever use. She not only provided me with the proper techniques of a workout, she also gave me the encouragement, support and some healthy eating tips as well to get me into my pre pregnancy jeans again in no time! I am forever grateful for all her advice and support and most of all her friendship! Thanks so much again, Ann, you truly are terrific at what you do and you are such an inspiration!"

Krista Hizme


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