Scottsdale Personal TrainerWhen it comes to success in any fitness program, 75% or maybe even more, is based on your eating habits! Everybody has different likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, time constraints, work and lifestyle issues and certainly excuses!

However, the typical American diet? Skip breakfast. Moderate-sized lunch. Large dinner. The problem is that’s the exact opposite of our daily metabolic rhythm.

We eat our largest meal, dinner, when our metabolism is at its lowest and when it’s at its peak, breakfast, we eat nothing! If you are serious about dropping body fat, you have to mirror, not defy, your metabolism.

A large breakfast fires up your metabolism to burn even more calories throughout the day. As the day goes on and your metabolism tapers off. For dinner, it’s best to go the low-carb route (while getting most of your carbs during breakfast and lunch). A great dinner for the “mirror your metabolism” approach is a large salad full of mixed greens, protein (chicken or some other form of animal protein), and some healthy fats (ie: olive oil-based dressing).

Because green veggies contain minimal calories while being high in fiber, they’re sure to curb just about any hunger pang with very little caloric damage. Protein on the other hand will contain more calories, but has the advantage of directly supporting calorie-burning muscle tissue. Maintaining muscle tissue while dieting just maybe the most important thing you can do for fat loss and metabolism.

Success Stories
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"I appreciate and thank you very much for being my Personal Trainer. You are especially talented and highly skilled at directing me to perform many productive exercises. For example, you pay strict attention to me the entire time I am doing a specific exercise and make any needed adjustments in what I am doing. As I notice other trainers in the gym, their eyes and attention often wonder. You are tough minded. Your knowledge of me as a client results in your selecting the proper exercise for a specific end result and you insist that it be done, which is good. You put me through some very difficult sessions but I must admit that they are always fun. At the end of my hour's workout, I feel good about what has been accomplished. I will soon be 90 years old but I am much stronger now. I can do things now that I could not do twenty years ago. When I became a client several years ago, I threw you a serious challenge to extend my life through exercising and you accepted. I am convinced both of us will be winners."



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