July Newsletter
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How ya feeling today? Aren’t we lucky that June was an unseasonably ‘cool’ month! That should make you feel GREAT! I know, now we are into the triple digits’ again but you have to remember, “It’s a dry heat”! HA!

Don’t let the warm temps and funky weather interfere with your fitness and exercise routines. Remember, find the time of day that works best for you and make it happen. What I realized about myself…..I prefer morning workouts. Even with my client’s early workout schedules, I make a point to get mine in. My energy for the day is higher, I eat better and if I want to have a last minute evening out, I know I’ve taken care of the most important part, my body and health.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


Do you have what it takes to get the body you desire?

Wouldn't it feel great to pull on your bathing suit without bracing yourself before looking in the mirror? Why must you go through another agonizing summer, turning your head as you pass by a dozen magazines showcasing skinny celebrities in bikinis? You should be enjoying your summer days without wondering which pair of shorts covers the most. For many the summer months bring with them a harsh reminder of unmet fitness goals.

So why haven't you met your fitness goals?

You can turn your fitness desires into reality! Read on for the three things you need to begin achieving amazing results.

1. Your Mind

You may be wondering what your mind has to do with getting your body into great shape. In a single word, your mind has everything to do with getting the body you desire. Your mind will single handedly make or break your success.

How? Well, your mind works hard to reinforce the beliefs that you hold about yourself. If you think of yourself as a fat person, or an out-of-shape person, or just an average person then your subconscious mind will do everything in its power to keep you that way.

It's like self-sabotage.

However, if you begin to think of yourself as fit, healthy and attractive, then your mind will do everything it can to make your belief a reality.

*Take time everyday to visualize your new body and to focus on your goals.

2. Your Plan

Everyone who successfully sets out to lose body fat and achieve results does so by implementing a plan. Your plan is crucial to your success, picture it as a guiding map needed to find a new destination. Without it you are lost.

Here are the 2 major parts to your plan:

1. Nutrition: They say you are what you eat, and that is never truer than while losing weight. Cut junk food from your diet and stick with fresh healthy foods instead. Eat small meals throughout the day containing protein, carbohydrates and minimal fat.

2. Exercise: Yes, you will have to break a sweat, but the good news is that once you make exercise a habit you will likely find it to be enjoyable! Believe it! It is important that you make exercise a part of your lifestyle and not something that you do on random occasions. For maximal results exercise 4-5 times each week doing both cardiovascular and resistance training.

*Stick with your healthy eating plan and exercise routine; these are the building blocks to your success.

3. Your Determination

Determination is the one thing that will guarantee that you will lose weight, tone your body and feel better than ever. Thinking about it is not enough. Now it's time for action!

You have to want your desired body...more than you want that burger and fries.

more than you want to skip your workout.
more than you want that chocolate cookie.
more than you want to sit on the couch

It's about you!! You, you, you, you, you and you!

I believe you possess the kind of determination it takes to change your body! You simply need to dig down deep enough within yourself to find it.

Fuel your fire, by enlisting friends, family and loved ones to encourage your efforts and to keep tabs on your progress. In fact, I would love to be a key player in your support-don't hesitate to call me or reply to this email to get me onboard. Fitness is my passion and I can help make it yours too!

*Surround yourself with support and don't give up. Keep on Keepin on baby!


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