Scottsdale Personal TrainerAs a trainer, the most important outcome in all of my client relationships is their success in attaining the goals that they/we set. Our initial meeting is an essential, in depth consultation that highlights a client’s past (family, medical, and exercise history), current exercise/fitness levels and eating habits and future goals, desires and needs. In accomplishing those goals, it’s important to combine resistance, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition.

In addition to being a Personal Trainer, I am also an educator. I want my clients to understand the whys and hows of my philosophies and instructions. For instance, I am less concerned with how much weight someone moves rather how they move it. FORM, FORM, FORM! You have to feel the muscle being worked specific to a particular exercise.

When it comes to cardio, hi intensity is the most efficient way to lose weight, body fat and keep your metabolism at its highest. Most people like to hear that low intensity exercise is better -- because it is easier! However, you need to burn more calories to lose body fat.

Of course weight loss requires smart nutrition to truly be effective! Exercise in and of itself has little effect on fat loss. When coupled with nutrition, the pieces to the puzzle start to come together.

Ann’s Lifestyle Fitness is about combining exercise and nutrition into every day making it your life’s routine.

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"Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me. I was never one that was prone to using personal trainers because, after years of working out, of course, I knew everything. After the first few times working with you I understood how much I had been missing. I can’t believe how much further ahead I would have been if I had worked with you earlier and expended the same amount of effort. I am not the easiest person to get along with and I expect a lot from the people with whom I deal. Your positive, professional attitude helped keep me on track, and your natural leadership inspired me to do my very best without feeling intimidated or overpowered. Perhaps people are sometimes reluctant to seek assistance out of some type of apprehension about the instructor or what will take place. I have seen you in action with numerous people and I see where you treat each person individually and you have the skills to bring out the very best in your clients and students. Thank you again for all of the help. You are the best personal trainer that I have ever seen in action and I wish I had met and worked with you years earlier." Best Regards, David M. White


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